Student Support Helps Students Succeed!

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NewRiver_nontraditional_students_supportStudents attending college – whether just out of high school or enrolling later in life amidst a schedule full of parenting duties, work responsibilities, and church and civic involvement – often stumble due to barriers that get in the way of success in classes and progress toward their educational goal.  There can be confusion about career choice, difficulty with classes, or life just “gets in the way.”

At New River Community and Technical College, your success is
the ultimate goal for our faculty and staff.

Help finding career direction

Often, new college students are unsure of what field they wish to study, what major they should have, or what kind of job they would like to prepare for in the future. Others are focused on a specific career but run into trouble and need to change direction and go with “Plan B.” New River CTC is ready and willing to help students in this type of situation. Staff in Career Services and our Student Success Centers are available to work with students who would like to focus on exploring careers.

Once you discover your “calling,” New River CTC staff also can help you get ready for the workforce.

“Kuder Journey” is an online career exploration resource provided to our students by the College. This type of career assessment can help you define your interests, preferences, values, and strengths and provide direction in your choice of careers. Working with our staff can help you discover if you’re heading down the right path and taking the right steps for your future.

Once you discover your “calling,” New River CTC staff also can help you get ready for the workforce by helping you develop resume writing skills, job search skills, and interview skills to help find that right job after you complete a certificate, associate degree, or transfer to a four year degree program.

Help in overcoming academic challenges

Students sometimes need some extra support to succeed in college with the challenges that are presented to them with their classwork and simply juggling college along with family, work and other commitments.  That’s where New River CTC’s Developmental Education Program and Student Success Centers come into play.

With the placement testing that students are asked to take upon entrance to the College, each student can be placed in the right set of courses based on their career choice and their needs in the important areas of writing, reading and mathematical skills.  For those students who would benefit, courses in these skill areas are available to help provide a firm foundation for success down the line in their college career.

All students have access to New River CTC’s Student Success Centers, which are located on each of our campuses and staffed with educational counselors who assist students with advice about majors, choices of classes for their chosen career, and assistance with finding tutors for classes in which they are struggling, and other kinds of support to help students meet the challenges that come their way during the semester.

The ultimate goal

Success is defined in a number of ways – at New River CTC, it means mastering a skill, doing well on a test, progressing in your program of study, and ultimately . . . graduation.


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